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Recent changes:

New in Jan 2017

Transport in the past - covering equine based, cycles, automobiles, etc.


New in Feb 2017

Newspaper articles from the past -100  press cuttings from the archives


New in June 2017

YouTube video - Ernest Mansfield, gold prospector extraordinary


New in Aug 2017

YouTube video- Zeppelin Busters over the Blackwater


New in Sept 2017

Frank Wellington motor manufacturer, dealer & racer with local connections


Revised in Oct 2017

Recent memorable village scenes – 3 more recent images added



Family Photos - 6 new images added, marked with *



More Goldhanger documents - 1917 emergency instructions by Dr.Salter


Museum - 5 new items added marked with *


 New in Oct 2017

1977, 2002 &2012 Jubilee videos  - on YouTube


YouTube links - 28 videos with a Goldhanger  theme or content


YouTube video - Beckingham Hall Gatehouse, a short history


New in Nov 2017

Societies and Clubs  50+ groups identified over several centuries


New in Dec 2017

Chapel at Chappel farm - an ancient chapel close to the farm but within Goldhanger


The Gurton Family - associated with the Grove Chapel and a charitable Trust


New in Jan 2018

Coe-Coape and Coape-Arnold families – local land owners in the past



YouTube video - a short tour and history of St Peter’s Church


The Barrow Marshes – an area to the west, once in Goldhanger Parish

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