The Coe-Coape and Coape-Arnold families

 owners of properties at Goldhanger in the past

The Coe, Coe-Coape and Coape-Arnold families were owners of land and properties in and around Goldhanger between the 16th to 20th centuries. Their wealth was mainly accumulated by their ancestors during earlier centuries and their property interests merged as the result of marriages. Together they represented an extremely large family. These are just the members of the family who had direct interest in the Goldhanger properties...

(The information originates from several sources and some dates are inconsistent)

Robert Coe (c1585-1656)

of All Saints Parish, Maldon, was a grocer, chandler, and linen-draper, acquired considerable estate, and was a prominent citizen of the borough.

Charles Coe (1662-1738)

Charles was a merchant who owned the copyhold of the Manor of Little Totham with Goldhanger in addition to many other properties around Maldon. As politically active nonconformists the Coe family were the founder members of Maldon Congregational Church who owned the land on which it was built.

Charles Coe (1697-1756) of Maldon

Charles Coe purchased Osea Island, and it was still owned by him at the time of his death. Afterwards it was conveyed to the Pigott family, who were related to him. On the south wall of St. Peter's Church at Maldon there is a monument to 'John Coe Pigott,' dated March, 1802.

The next owner of the island was Mrs. Pigott, who married Henry Coape, and was succeeded by his son, Henry Coe Coape.

The Coe family owned most of the Barrow Marshes in the 1700s

Charles Coe owned the Heybridge saltworks and the lands in 1738-1768

In 1779 the Salt Works was owned by a John Coe (c1700-1779).


Henry Coe-Coape  (1810 – 1890)

Goldhanger resident and author.

Henry Coe-Coape was the son of the wealthy Maldon sugar refiner and property owner Charles Coe. He is best known for his literary works.

Henry Coe Coape’s son, James, who was born in Goldhanger, married Georgeane Arnold of Wolvey Hall, in Warwickshire, and his surname was changed to Coape-Arnold. The family then owned many properties and a large amount of land in Goldhanger until the 1920s, including...

Vaulty Manor  Follyfaunts  Cobbs  Hall  &  Gardner's Farms

In the 1820 Tithe Awards, Henry Coape is also listed as owner of Barrow Marsh Farm (then in Goldhanger Parish) and most of the Barrow Mashes. In the 1838 Tithe Awards he is listed as owning of 100 fields and 6  properties in the parish.

In the mid 1800s Henry Coe-Coape was a director of a railway company the frequently advertised for investors. His address was always given as “Goldhanger”.

from... The Essex Herald in April 1890

The late Mr. Henry Coe Coape, J.P. and D.L. for Essex, whose death at eighty years of age was announced last week, was a member of an old Maldon family. He was the oldest son of Mr. Hy. Coape, whose country house was at Maldon. His memory is perpetuated in All Saints Church by the handsome stained glass window placed at the east end by his widow and family. The Coupe family, originally from Derbyshire, came into the extensive landed estates in the Tothams, Goldhanger, Purleigh, and Maldon, once owned by the Coe family, who for several generations resided in the town. The south aisle of All Saints' Church contains many a limb of that tree. The Mr. Coupe now de-ceased at one time had a racing stud at Puleigh Barns, but he had long ceased to have any active connection with the county.

James Coape / Coape-Arnold  (c.1815-89)

educated at Christ's College, Cambridge

He married Georgeana Arnold and they Inherited the family properties at Wolvey Hall, Ashby Lodge at Ashby St. Ledgers, Mirables at Niton on the Isle of Wight and Vaulty Manor at Goldhanger. He changes his name to include his wife’s surname.

Mirables became his main home. At the time of his death he was Chairman of the Ryde magistrate’s court. Mirables was sold in about 1873.




Georgeana Arnold  (1817-49).

Only daughter and heiress of George Henry Arnold (1791-1844). She was born and baptised at Ashby St. Ledgers. She married James Coape JP (c.1815-89), in 1840 at Whitwell on the Isle of Wight.


The Revd. Henry Fraser James Coape-Arnold  (1846-1923)

The only son of James Coape and his wife Georgeana.

He was born at Niton, on the Isle of Wight.

He inherited Ashby Lodge, Wolvey Hall and Mirables estates in 1857 and properties at Goldhanger from his father in 1889.

Between 1867 and 1873 the Revd. H.F. Coape-Arnold from Warwickshire inherited lands from Henry Coe Coape and build a pair of redbrick cottages in Church street for the use of the Coastguards. He sold them in 1920.

Kelly’s Directory of 1892 lists Henry F J Coape-Arnold as:

“the principle landowner of Goldhanger Parish”

from... The Chelmsford Chronicle - 6 October 1916

...Miss Grandred Coape-Arnold's family is descended from the ancient Essex family of the Lords de Morley and Monteagle of Gt Hallingbury near Bishop Stortford and her father still possesses an estate in the parish of Goldhanger, which his great grandfather John Coape acquired by marriage in about 1750.

From The Hinckley Times in 2006...

One of the most colourful characters ever to live in Wolvey was Mr H. F. J. Cope-Arnold. He had been a Church of England vicar, although married, he eloped with the daughter of another clergyman and decided to become a Roman Catholic but eventually he came to live at Wolvey hall with his wife and 10 children.

Cranfield Coe Henry Coape-Arnold  (1873-1963)

Eldest son of Henry Fraser James Coape-Arnold of Wolvey Hall and Goldhanger, and his wife Mary Genevieve. He inherited Wolvey Hall and properties at Goldhanger from his father in 1923. He sold the latter and had no children.

some members of the extended family still reside at Wolvey Hall.

Information on this page originates from several sources, including...

this website has detailed descriptions of both families and their properties

and Coe - puritan

this 750 page book reveals that some early members of the Coe family were Puritans who went to New England

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