Honouring the Goldhanger men who lost their lives in the Great War


To mark the 100th anniversary of the deaths of all the men who were killed in the Great War, the bells of St Peters are being rung on the 100th anniversary of their death. A flag is also being raised on the tower and articles about the men are appearing in the Parish Magazine. Depending on the day of the week on which the anniversaries fall, either full circle ringing is performed...

Listen to a recording of the bells:



or a selection of tunes have been played on the Ellacombe Chimes...

Keep the Home Fires Burning, They shall not grow old

Abide with Me, The Last Post

Listen to a recording of the chimes:



William Hume was the first to lose his life in the Great War the bells and the were rung in his memory on the 15th October 2014. From then on the bells have been rung for...

Thomas Woolford - died 3rd February 1915

Thomas Coker - died 5th March 1915

Harry James Johnson - died 17 August 1915 aged 18

Sydney Charles Brewer - died 1st July 1916 aged 30

Ernest (Dick) Brazier - died 19th July 1916 aged 21

Cyril Gardner - died 14 September 1916 aged 19

Ernest Albert Belcher died 6th March 1917

Ernest Everett - died 14 April 1917

William Hummerston - died 1 August 1917

Allen James Seaborn - died 13 August 1917 aged 21

William Quintus Newsom Richardson - died 6th October 1917 aged 19

Sydney Armstrong died - 17 February 1918

Frederick Augustus Crowley - died 26 February 1918 aged 20

Ernest (harry) Lewis - died 21 March 1918 aged 25

John Sidney Wakelin - died 24 March 1918 aged 27

Joseph Harry Pennick - died on 27 March 1918 aged 21

Lionel Douglas Hover - died 28 October 1918 Aged 21


Walter Arthur Brewer - died 22 October 1920 aged 21

Dick Phillips - died 24th August 1921 aged 22


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