Historic buildings in Goldhanger

The historic properties indentified here are all listed buildings within the Parish. Further down this page are the historic buildings within the conservation area that are not individually listed. Many are separately described elsewhere in the Goldhanger Past website and links are provided below where appropriate to those webpages. They all appear on old maps of Goldhanger and links to appropriate maps are also provided. Many appear on old advertisement and links are provided to Property sales in the past. Finally, extracts from the publicly available listings in the Essex Historic Environment Records are given. Select a link to access the information...

Goldhanger House

Church Street


6 Church Street

Elms Bakery

31 Church Street

Hall Farmhouse

5 Church Street


The Old Rectory

Church Street

Old Rectory outbuildings

Church Street

Church of St Peter

Church Street

The Chequers

The Square



The Clockhouse

2 Head Street

Old Pumphouse

6 Head Street

The Limes and 7, Head St

3, 5 & 7 Head Street

Wesleyan Chapel

7 Head Street



Apple Leaves

17 Head Street

The Bakery & Melrose

2 & 4 Fish Street

The Mill House

3 Fish Street

Beehive Cottages

10, 12 &14 Fish Street



Wallnut Tree Cottage

21 Fish Street

Bound's Farmhouse

Fish Street

Folly Faunts Manor

Little Totham Road

Falcons Hall

Little Totham Road



Highams Manor

Maldon Road

Charity Farmhouse

Maldon Road

Cobbs Farmhouse

Maldon Road

Vaulty Manor

Maldon Road



Brook Cottage

Wash Lane



historic buildings within the conservation area that are not individually listed

Most of these properties are over 200 years old and all are of great character. One can only wonder what distinguishes them from the listed buildings in the village.  The usually reason given is that at the time of the designations in the 1960s, the buildings already had major alternations that detracted from their originality so did not qualify for listed status. Many of these properties appear on the 1820 Tithe map for Goldhanger. Select a link to access the information which includes details from the 2007 Conservation Review...

Cricketers Inn

Church St

Coastguard Cottages

11-17 Church St

Village School

Church St

Hatter Lodge

1 Head St

Former Poorhouse

8 &10 head St

Old Parsonage

12 Head St

Former Post Office

1 Fish St

Mill Cottages

9 & 11 Fish St



15 Fish St

17 Fish St

25 Fish St

Owlers - 26 Fish St

30 Fish St

32 & 32A Fish St

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