Family Photos

These photos are mainly from the local archives. Some originate from families albums, some from old newspaper cuttings, others have unknown origins. In many cases the full names were not recorded, but the majority of the family names, locations and approximate dates are known. Collectively they portray the past way of life in the village. They are arranged in approximate chronological order, the earliest from the 1880s, and the most recent is from the 1970s. The latest additions are marked with *

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Highams Farm couple in the 1880s *
Hall Farm workers in Head St. *
Follyfaults farmers *
Local farming family in 1890s *

The Square 1900s

Clark, Mr & Mrs Shepherd of Fish St

Johnson family


Couple outside the village store
Fish Street couple
Beehive Cottages residents
Church street couple

Clark, Shepherd  of Fish St

Gardner family & Mrs Easter

Gardner car

Aerodrome sheds

A Fish Street resident
Rector & family in early the 1900s
The Rector's chauffer & car
Farmer's son at Aerodrome in 1917
Pages, Rex, Winsum, Alan  & Aske, 1908
Page, Charles - in his first car, a 1906 Oleans
The Square with village pump and girl
Samuel Johnson
Children at the Old Rectory in the 1920s
Farmer at Old Rectory Farm
Young girl at village pump in1920s
Fish Street boatman

Couple outside Fish St cottages

Wilkin, Stanley - on horseback at Bounds Farm

Gardner in wheel chair

Prior, Mr & Mrs

Fish St. couple
Farmer at Bounds Farm in 1920s

The Rector with grandson in 1930s

Head Street couple

Seaborn, Joe & Alma at Peartree Cottage in 1939

Cracknell, George - Falcons Hall & Pump House in 1899

Strawberry Pickers2

Norton, Taffy - Coastguard,- Lottie & Fred's grandfather

Head Street couple

Falcons Hall Farmer

Bounds farm strawberry pickers in 1925

Goldhanger Coastguard


Norton Family

Holiday at Bounds Farm

Page ,Frank  & Fruit lorry

Church St resident in 1938

The Baker and his family

Fish St family at Bounds

Old Rectory fruit grower 1940s

Bellringers in Church yard, 1940s

Ruffle, Mr & Mrs, (Happy Sam)

King, Sid and son

Soda Siphons in the Square

Bellringers in 1940s

Bounds Farm workers

Blind Lane residents in the 1950s

Fun in The Square

Appleton cottage with tall & small man

Bells Fair

Preparing on the lawn - Maurice Rowley photo

Boy in the tower

Residents of Church St

Village Hall Bell Fair 1950s

Bell tower restoration in 1952

Father & son in the Bell Tower

Lauriston Farm family *

Aerodrome Bungalow couple *

Highams father & sons in the 1950s *

Nurse at Head St. Post Office *

Harold and his daugther Betty

Emeny, Harold

Jenkins, Sir Gilmour

Weather Vain installed by George Emeny & Terry

Blacksmith in Church St in 1960s

Blacksmith in Church St in 1962

Opening the bazaar in 1967

Restoring the weathervane in the 1970s

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