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Charles Brandon

Revd Williams

Revd Edward Howes

William Bentall


Henry Coe Coape

James Coape

Revd. Henry Coape-Arnold

Revd John C Atkinson



Miller Christy

Revd Leigh

Revd William Jay

Lily Clark


Pte Sydney Wakelin

Dr Henry Salter

Revd Gardner

Ernest Mansfield


Taffy Norton

Charles Mann

John Veitch

Major Lindsay Hay


Charles Page

Stanley Wilkin

Harold Emeny

Jack Spitty


Francis Dobson

Crawshay Frost

Ernie Johnson

Sir Gilmour Jenkins


Margaret Newman

Sir Jack Cohen

Harry Appleton

Maura Benham


Ron Wells

Bernard Mann

George Abrey

Peter d’Adehmar


John Wilkin

Cyril Southgate

Jean & Barry Rose

Eva Blighton


Oliver Warin

Kate Wright

Julian Jenkinson

Kathryn Edwards


Pat Bunting

Jenny Green

Cecil Chaplin

Rosemary Mann


Allan Hunter

Kenny Chaplin

Margery & Derrick Bailey

Geoff & Ann Appleton


Tony Moore

Ken Perry

Ron Cook

Victor Marigold


Mick West

Fred Halls

Denis Chaplin

Chris Purdy

Steve Wynne

Mike Webster

Lottie Smith

Mike Porter


Andrew Christy



"only gone when finally forgotten"


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