Early court records, state papers and newspaper reports

of events and incidents at Goldhanger

There are over 120 reports summarised below, and although many of the early reports are crime and alehouse related, they represent an average of just one every four years over a period covered. Importantly they tell us much about the way of life in the village over the centuries. Before 1700 the reports are taken mainly from court records, after then they are mainly newspaper reports.

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1352  That Sir John Chapleyn, parson of the church of Goldhanger is a common forestaller of oats, malt and other victuals, and that, on account of his wealth, no one dares to act against him, in case of great oppression and damage of the people. (The King's Bench records, Chelmsford)

1361  Commission to John Grete of Maldon and William Pellard of Goldangre to explore and investigate in all ports and arms of the areas and other waters descending to the area, in the county of Essex, for wool, hides and wool-fells shipped for foreign parts without payment of the customs and subsidy due to the king, and for victuals and other things put in ships to be taken to the said parts and brought within the realm, and arrest and keep until further order such as they find certifying the king in the chancery of all arrests made and of all they do in this behalf. (Calendar Of Patent Rolls)  [see… Smuggling ]



1543  at the time of the dissolution, Henry VIII gave away or sold many of the estates around the village previously belonging to Beeleigh Abbey [see… Reformation effects ]

1564  Indictment: Edward Michell of Great Birch, yeoman, and John Wade, of Goldhanger, yeoman, for breaking into the close of Edward Horspitte at Salcott Virley called Harkes and taking away 6 of his cows value £12, and detaining them for 1 and a half months. Each fined 12d.   (ERO  Q/SR 13/11)

1572  Hundred of Thurstable Petty Sessions held at Goldhanger before Richard Whitlocke and John Sames, high constables. Little Totham with Goldhanger: constables, chief pledges, present that they have kept diligent watch for the feast of the Ascension to the feast of St. Michael last past, and that all the inhabitants have their arms prepared, and that rogues and vagabonds have been punished and not entertained by alehouse holders. (ERO  Q/SR 41/54)

1573  Judgement given in the King's Bench, Easter Term, the 15th year of the reign of Elizabeth. That Thomas Stapleton and John Heycock took cattle, viz six cows to the value of £10, of the said Robert Smith from a certain place called Faity in the land ground in Goldhanger.

1575  Man indicted for being a public nuisance: Thomas Keys of Goldhanger, yeoman, for causing his own diabolical and perverse mind divers false clamors and quarrels without any reasonable or just cause against many of his neighbours, faithful subjects of the lady the Queen, dwelling at Goldhanger, and for being a common brawler there.  ERO Q/SBG 214

1575  Church Court records:  John Wade Goldhanger, barred from communion by Revd Horne (ERO)

1576 Indictment: Thomas Keys of Goldhanger, yeoman for causing out of his own diabolical and perverse mind divers false clamours and quarrels without any reasonable or just cause against many of his neighbours, faithful subjects of the lady the queen, dwelling at Goldhanger, and for being a common brawler there. (ERO  Q/SR 57/39)

1576  Indictment of Henry Prior, Goldhanger alehouse-holder, for keeping unlawful games in his house, to wit, cards; and of Robert Mannering of the same, tailor, for being a common gamester in the said alehouse. (ERO  Q/SR 59/10)  [see… Goldhanger Lost - alehouses ]

1576  Indictment: Richard Graunt of Layer Breton, husbandman, and William Keys of Feering, carpenter, for breaking into the close of Robert Wade of Goldhanger, husbandman, at the same, and for assaulting Agnes, wife of the said Robert, and putting her in fear of life and limb with certain threatening words, and for destroying the "bartlinge" of the house, and for despoiling certain victuals and other domestic things found there, belonging to the said Robert, worth five marks. (ERO Q/SR 58/40)

1582  That Thomas Keyes of Goldhanger keeps an alehouse and suffered much evil rule in his house "playing at dyse an drynkynge exsessyvely".   (ERO  Q/SR 80/63)

1583  Indictment: Thomas Keys of Goldhanger, alehouse-keeper, for being a common player at unlawful games in his alehouse at the same, and of John Marke and William Marke of Great Totham, husbandmen, for playing at cards in the house of the said Thomas. The said John and William each fined 6s.8d. (ERO  Q/SR 85/30)

1584 There was a robbery committed in the parish of Goldhanger not long since, and then Roger Armstronge, being constable of the same parish, made hue and cry after the felon who had committed the same until he came unto one Wilkinson, being then constable of Layer de la Hay, and charged him to make the said hue and cry unto the next constable, and he answered he needed not to make it forth without a Justice's warrant, and wheter he did make the hue and cry or not we know not. (ERO  Q/SR 89/11)

1585  We present Mr. Allyson, minister of Goldhanger, "because he did refuse to babptyse a chyld beyng base waythin the paryshe beyng a vagarant person". We present the collectors of Goldhanger "because thay have not gathered the commone calloccion for the poore synse mychelmas last past, Robert Laurance beyng one, the other we know not.  (ERO  Q/SR 93/21)

1587  The wife of one genery dyd put on a smock over her clothes and went to the house of Widow Willings of Goldhanger, who kept an alehouse, amongst divers there assembled, terming it to be a surplice. (Essex Review, 1936)  [see… Goldhanger Lost - alehouses ]

1587  Indictment of John Ashley of Goldhanger husbandman at Tollesbury said: "that those mynisters were domme mynisters and dunces that wold praye for the Quebes Majestie and that there were some of the Councell that were trayers". (ERO T/A 418/48/64)

1589  Presentments for the Liberty of the Bishop of London. We present Mr. John Knight, parson of Goldanger and Little Totham, for that he refused to weare the surplisse in all his administration of the sacraments and other prayer's since Midsummer last, and he denyeth to be ther minister of ther parlshe and he brought one Mr. Lune into the sayd parishe whome he affirmed to be his substitute, and he affirmed that he was lycensed by lawfull authorltye and therupon shewing unto the Churchwardens a paper with a seale and sayd unto them that it was his lycense, and then he being convented before Mr.Chauncelery it was found that it was no lycense. Insomuche that at this tyrme the churchwardens by reason that they did suffer him to saye service stande excommunicated. (ERO 0/SR 110/57)

1589  Church Court records:  John Knight, Goldhanger rector, baptism without witnesses, many disputes in parish (ERO)

1589  Church Court records:  Edward Selrowe, Goldhanger, twice debarred by Revd Knight (ERO)

1589   Church Court records:  John Tiler, Goldhanger, debarred from communion (ERO)

1590  Recognizance: Ann Willinges, spinster, to give evidence against Edward Sebrooke of Goldhanger, waterman, charged with stealing 28s. from her for which he was sent to the goal. (ERO  Q/SR 115/98)

1590  Order to bring Annis Sebruke of Goldhanger before the justice as she is not of good fame. but an evil doer, barrator and perturber of the peace as is reported fry sundry crediltable persons, and if she shall refuse to find sureties then they are to convey her safety to the gaol at Colchester. (ERO)

1591  On St. Peter's Day two Goldhanger youths caught playing at dice on the bier in the church. (Tribute to an Antiquary, Marc Fitch, et al,1976) [see…History of St Peters ]

1591 Petition addressed to the Justices: Recites that whereas the bearer John Newman of Goldhanger, 'being a verye poore lame and important person and of good and honest conversation during all the tyme of our knowledges' who now of late has obtained the goodwill and friendship of William Tunstall, clerk, to erect a cottage in a parcel of ground of the said William in Goldhanger, in the which the said John and his wife should have their habitation during their lives, if he can get the licence of certain of the Justices as also the goodwill of certain of the best inhabitants of the said parish, therefore the parishioners hereafter named, at the request of the said John, do certify that they are willing that the said cottage may be erected as by the Justices' discretion shall be thought best and according to the Statute. Subscribed by Thomas Beckingham, John Knighte, John Wade, John Hevenyngham, John Tiler, Richard Garrud, William Catmer, Jasper Graunt, Roger Cowper, John Fann, Robert Dagnett, John Keys, John Stone, John Butler. Let licence be made by the Court. (ERO Q/SR 117/53)

1591  Church Court records:  John Coker, Goldhanger sexton, refused a knell (toll a bell) (ERO)

1591  Church Court records:  Roger Cowper, Goldhanger sexton, slandered John Coker, argumentative, drunk, blasphemer (ERO)

1591  Church Court records:  John Knight, Goldhanger rector, two chancel graves to pave, damage to church register (ERO)

1593  Inquisition taken at Goldhanger, before Thomas Drywood, Coroner, upon the view of the body of Gilbert Hyndes of Brentwood yeoman. The jurors say that the same gilbert on 25 July 35 Eliz.m at Tolleshunt D'Arcy in a place called "Typtry", furiously assaulted Ralph Elzynge of Little Horkesley yeoman, and with a sword worth 5s. struck him in the face. After some time Ralph, to save his life withdrew and with his sword worth 5s. defended himself and gave Gilbert "a thrust" 3 inches deep and 1 inch wide of which the said Gilbert died that day. Pleads not guilty; in self defence; pardoned. (ERO  T/A 418/57/62)


1599 Memorandum reciting that we, Peter Tuke and Christopher Chibborne, esquires, Justices, upon the complaint of John Scott of Goldhanger, yeoman, went to the house of the said John in Goldhanger called "Scottis" and there found John Denye and Richard Person Forcibly keeping the same, contrary to the Stature of 8 Henry VI, wherefore we arrested the said Denye and Person and committed them to gaol until they should paya fins; and aftrwarde, on 10 October, we imposed a fine of 40s upon them which we have received and now send to this Sessions. (ERO Q/SR 148/125)



1600  Recognizance of John Whitlocke of Goldhanger yeoman, to give evidence against the above said George and Henry "for the felonius stealing of a black mare". (ERO  T/A 418/67/106)

1602  Licence granted by the Court to John knight, parson of Goldhanger, to convert certain buildings, which he hath lately builded at his own charges upon his free land in Goldhanger aforesaid, to a schoolhouse and to some other habitations, at his humble request. (ERO  Q/SR 157/2) [see…Pit Cottages &  Village school ]

1604  Thomas Price, John Wade, Crieck the smith, one Parcker "the maied man", and Backen a butcher and Thomas Shovelad, all of Goldhanger, and John Gilbard, for common drunkards and disturbers of the king's liege people continually, and Backen, Parker and Gibard [sic] for victualling not being licensed. (ERO Q/SR 166/146)

1604  Indictment of Thomas Frye of Goldhanger, fisherman, for shooting at a curlew with a handgun charged with powder and shot, at the same. Committed to goal until he pay £10; acknowledged upon examination. (ERO  Q/SR 166/71)

1605   Church Court records:  John  Heveningham, Goldhanger, debarred by Revd Knight accused of slander (ERO)

1611  Presentment of John Thurgood of Goldhanger having 50 acres of land there did not find a "Cart furnished" nor any able man on any of the six days before the feast of St. John Bapitiest appointed by the surveyere. Fined 6d. (ERO Q/SR 193/135)

1616  Presentment by Grand Jury: Wm. Parishe of Goldhanger victualler for keeping evil rule and disorder in his house. The country is much annoyed by reason of the great number of rouges and wandering persons through the whole county. and the constables of every town and parish for this year ought to be punished, for wilful suffering of the same. There be too many alehouses in Witham (district) by six.  (ERO  Q/SR 213/41)[see… Goldhanger Lost - alehouses ]

1618   John wade of Goldhanger (labourer) for keeping disorder in his alehouse and for playing and "gamming" on the sabbath day. (ERO Q/SR 222/16,17)

1622  Recognizances of Thomas Millers husbandman and Wm. Parrishe, bricklayer, both of Goldhanger; to answer, being Overseers of the Poor for suffering John Sparke a poor boy born there to wander up and down the country begging, having been taken as vagrant and sent to them and yet will not provide him a service of work to employ him about. (ERO  Q/SR 237/62)

1623 Recognizance of Wm.Morris of Goldhanger baker to answer for keeping a disorder alehouse without licence. "Twice bounde for one thinge". (ERO Q/SR 243/98)

1624 Jury list and presentment for the Hundreds of Lexden Tendring, Winstree and Thurstable. John Wyles of Coldhanger (husbandman) for a common aleshouse haunter, a breaker of the sabbath day and a common enticer of poor men to spend their estates in alehouses. John Mott of the same (tailer) for a common alehouse haunter (4 of 5 years). John Lowe (of the same) for the like offence, and for keeping a boy of 15 years of age to "breake hedges, out quick heges, crop trees in the fences", contrary to the statue. John Brigges (4 years last past) and Rob.Scarlet (7 years),both of Goldhanger, for common alehouse haunters. The whole township of Goldhanger for cheesing one Henry Motte a poor man to be the constable, having no estate to live by but only his day labour. (ERO  Q/SR 243/33)  [see… Goldhanger Lost - alehouses ]

1624  Indictment of Margaret Wade spinster wife of Henry wade of Coldhanger fisherman, was a still is a common barretor, malefactor, calumnfatrix a sower of discords among her neighbours. Witnesses: the inhabitants of Goldhanger, Sir tho. Beckingham. (ERO  Q/SR 244/8)

1624 Recognizances: John Card and Silvanus Knight, both "lannius", and Richard Robginte yeoman, all of Goldhanger; Card to answer for unlawfully using the trade of a butcher. Added: "This man I bound over for that he as I understand hath not served out his full time and likewise was taken in the twylight keeping and cooping up of a sheep which was suspected he would have stole." (ERO Q/SR 246/59)

1625 Indictment of Henry Mott and Mary his wife and William Ballarde, of Little Totham husbandmen unlawfully and riotously assembled together at Goldhanger and forcibly entered the dwelling house of Silas Knighte there and assaulted Margaret Wade spinster, being then in the same house. Witness: Knights. (ERO Q/SR 265/13)

1628 Indictment of Elizabeth Phillipps of Goldhanger spinster, 12 February 3 Charles I, there stole a pair of sheets worth 4s., "a hatt" worth 2d. and 2-ibs of cheese worth 2d., belonging to George Roberts. Confessed; whipped. Witnesses: Rose Roberts, Alice Sparke, Mary Kirby. (ERO  T/A 418/103/4)

1628 Jeffrey Sayer of Tollesbury for being drunk at Goldhanger and for riding on horseback into two alehouses and for swearing 10 unlawful oaths about Midsummer last. William Norris of Goldhanger for keeping a victualling house being unlicenced "and an excommunicat person". Suppressed and sent to Gaol by order of the nearest justices. (ERO Q/SR 263/21)

1629 Indictment of Richard Cardyn of Tollesbury labourer, John Mott of Goldhanger, Edward Woodward of `Great Tolleshunt' [Tolleshunt Major], Thomas Symond of Tollesbury, all labourers, each kept "a common tiplinge house" without licence. (ERO T/A 418/104/20)

1631  Presentment by constables and surveyors of Colchanger.

1, we have no parish recusents.

2, we can say nothing.

3, we say that we have no unlicensed alehouse keepers.

4, we say that Bob Eldred of Little Totham will not let our alefounders weigh his bread that he bringeth to our parish to sell, they requiring the same to weigh.

5, we have not found any drunk.

6, we have had no hue or ories this last year.

7, we have no cottages set up as we know of.

8, there wanteth a footbridge in the common market way of Goldhanger leading to Maldon, and is to be made by Richard Knight of our parish.

9, we have seen no rogues lately and inmates we know none.

10, we know no swearers nor cursers.

11, we have put forth three children apprentice at the charge of our parish.

12, we know nothing to return.

13, our watches were duly kept last year.

Lately, the said eldred hath laid more than 30 loads of carth and bushes in the highway to coggeshall to the great annoyance of market folk. also we do any that "Mapell gate" is mended which was presented. signatures (or marks) of: Rob. Scarlett, Thomas Wright, constables, tho. Kinge, Edward Hawe  (ERO  Q/SR 273/55)

1631 Court of Exchequer case:  Bailiffs of Maldon vs Tho.Plume of Maldon, gentleman and alderman. Corporation claim that Thomas Plume, et al "have plotted together”  to avoid payment of tolls on goods imported by ship and that Thomas Plume "keepeth and maytayneth a Wharfe late made and erected at Heigh Bridge [Heybridge] and hath in every of the five years now last past so brought to his said Wharfe... Two hundred Chaldron of Sea Coales and fifty loades of Fullers Earth at the least besides divers other Goods...and still doth refuse to pay unto the Water Bayliffs the sums of money so due...And the said Wm.Syday hath also lately erected and made and keepeth... a Wharfe at Barrow hills in Goldhanger at which Wharfe in every of the said five years now last past he hath landed charged and discharged bought and sold Iron, two hundred quarters of Wheate,  two hundred quarters of Rye, two hundred quarters of Malte, two hundred quarters of Oates, two hundred loades of Weed and other Goods and Wares..."   (ERO D/B 3/3/664/1)

1635  Recognizance of Natl. Starling victualler, Robert Scarlett husbandman an Matthew Pasfield butcher, all of Goldhanger; Whereas Starling is by the within named justices licensed to keep a common alehouse of victualling house in the house where he now liveth, if he shall not suffer any person to "sett" drinking or tippling there contrary to law, nor dress any fleshment upon any days or times prohibited, nor shall suffer any unlawful games to be therein used, but shall observe the true assize of bread and bler, then the recognizance to be void.   (ERO Q/SR 294/94)

1641   Indictment of John Hulbacke of Goldhanger, husbandman, 10 January 16 Charles I, being a Sunday, and on other days, did not go to church. Witness: William Sweno clerk.   (ERO  T/A 418/121/14)

1641  Inidictment of Thomas Bishopp of Coldhanger husbandman, a beaver-hat worth 3s.4d. of Wm. Bull. Witness: Thomas Carnell. Pleads not guilty. Acquitted. (ERO Q/SR 317/11)

1647  An agreement between inhabitants of Goldhanger and Tolleshunt Major concerning lands in Goldhanger occupied by inhabitants of Tolleshunt Major and rated in Tolleshunt Major, 25 acres farmed by John Palmer, 60 acres called Langewich (Longwick) occupied by John Parr and 40 acres farmed by Richard Knight, henceforth to be rateable in Goldhanger. (ERO D/P 240/1/3)  [see… Effects of the Reformation ]

1650  Recognizance of Thomas Saffold of Goldhanger saltboiler; to answer the inhabitants of Goldhanger. (ERO Q/SR 345/83)  [see… Salt extraction in the Blackwater ]

1651  Tho. Saffould of Goldhanger Salthoiler, for whipping a boy for stealing when he was constable and making him a pass an sent him away from constable to constable to the place of his habitation without any order from a justice. (ERO  Q/SR 348/36)

1652  Presentments by Hundreds of Thurstable.

Hedgeman of a Great Totham, for keeping an unlicensed alehouse.

Wm. Carret of Goldhanger, for digging up the highway in Goldhanger Street. (ERO  Q/SR 351/32)

1652  Recognizance of Isaac Medcalfe of Goldhanger butcher, Fabian Fookes and William Overton, both of Little Totham husbandmen; Medcalfe to answer for that, upon search made by the oficers of Goldhanger, he was found in bed with Jane Kinge of Goldhanger widow. Bound over. (ERO  Q/SR 353/58)

1654  Indictment of Mary Franck of Goldhanger, widow being an unmarried woman, was carnally known there by John Tebell of Tolleshunt Beckingham being an unmarried man. Witness: Nathan Osborne. Acknowledgeth and is committed for three months according to the statute. (ERO Q/SR 364/13)

1658  Easter Court in Sessions: John Dyer of Goldhanger yeoman, for laying of stable dung on the foot and market path leading to and from the church. (ERO Q/SR 375/17)

1666   Presentments by Hundreds of Thurstable. John Waite of Goldhanger, for not coming to his parish church for one month. (ERO  Q/SR 410/25)

1666  Court Roll for July. Tho Crips of Goldhanger, mariner, kept a common ale house without licence.

1666  Michaelmas Court Roll. John Waite of Goldhanger for not coming to his parish church for one month.

1667 Returns for the parish of Goldhanger:

Geo.Franke "A Copmane dropunckrfed and A profayne swarner and A profaynier of the Sabothe Daya";

Jorge Thorenton a common swearer and profaner of the Sabbath and "A singelle person hoe workes att his owne hand";

William Routine a profaner of the Sabbath and "for entertayinen" Jorge Thorentin as an inmate;

John Allworth a single person who works with his hand;

Rob Lenitone "hoe selles beere withoute lsenes";

Mary Starline "for kepeine of ele orders in hure house suffringen pepelle to sete drinckine and swarine undure three hapnes A quarte".

Tho.Curipps, Wm.Page constables. (ERO T/A 418/167/48)

1668  Court Roll. Tho Field, husbandman, Tho Crisps and Wm. Page. Constable all of Goldhanger:  Field to answer Roger Watford of London for breach of the peace.

1668  Indictment of Edward Robinson of Goldhanger labourer. 12 February 20 Charles II, there about 2 a.m. broke into the house of the James Bird and stole "one bushell of wheat meale" worth 3s., "one bushell of maslyn meale" worth 2s. 6d., 18 1bs. Of bacon worth 6s., three pewter dishes worth 2s. Plead not guilty. Guilty; to be hanged. (ERO  T/A 418/166/13)

1670   Return of constable for Goldhanger:

Rob.Francke absented himself from church.

Gillese Moseley sold beer without licence.

Rich Adames, Rich.Jordone, Constables (ERO  T/A 418/171/88)

1670   Goldhanger presentments:

The return of ye Constable of Goldhanger concerning a warrant:

1   We have no popish recusants within or Parish

2   I return Robert Franke for not Coming to Church for ye space of a month

3   I return Giles Mosely for keeping an unlicensed Aylehouse

Richard Jordan, Thurstable (ERO  Q/SR 423/46)

1675   Presentment of Simon Garling lablourer, Mary Dowcett spr., both of Goldhanger, et al, being able-bodied refused to work. (ERO  T/A 418/179/25)

1682  Indictment of W. Browne, Jer. Bowles, both of Barking mariners, William Strayt cooper and Samuel Brewer of Goldhanger husbandman, 7 February 34 Charles II, at Goldhanger, being together in the boat of John England in a creek in the said England's land, assaulted Stephen Jones, who was also in the boat and took from him 3 hogsheads of white wine worth £30, "the growth and manufacture" of the dominions of the King of France "forbidden to be brought" into this kingdom. (ERO  T/A 418/191/84)   [see… Smuggling ]

1687  Indictment of Thomas Miller of Goldhanger fisherman, "did discharge and shoots a handgun charged with powder and haileshott" and killed and carried away divers pigeons there. Witness: Obadish Sharpe. (ERO  Q/SR 455/87)

1689  Particular and memorandum by the Clerk of the Pipe of the Premises: being the ancient fines and ward silver of various homages, viz, from Henry Till [or Pill] for lands called Hullings in Goldhanger. (Calendar of Treasury Book)


1694  Robert Brown of Asheldham farmer; to answer Robert Pratt of Goldhanger victualler fr refusing to pay him money for wages for work performed by him. (ERO Q/SR 480/10)

1696  General quarter sessions of the peace held at Ingatestone: Tho. Sparrow, labourer to do what the court shall enjoy, concerning his endeavouring to steal and convey away the daughter and heir of John Lasby Clerk, she being a minor all of Goldhanger.

1696  Court Roll: Tho. Matthew's or Tollesbury, labour, to do what the court shall enjoy concerning his eaves dropping in the night time at the house of John Lasby Clerk and setting up ladders in the night time against the said house in order to have taken Lasbys daughter being a minor out of the window and have conveyed her away.

1697  Indictment of Thomas Warford of Coldhanger butcher kept a 11-lb. weight lacking 2 ½ oz. (ERO Q/SR 495/62)  [see…  Goldhanger Lost - shops ]



1705  Indictment of Isaac Wilkinson of Tolleshunt D'Arcy yeoman dug a pit 5 feet deep and 20 feet long in the highway there leading from Goldhanger to Tolleshunt D'Arcy. Witness: Thomas Gardner esq. Ignoramus. (ERO  Q/SR 524/19)  [see… Local highways & byways ]

1711 Recognizance of John Matthews yeoman; to answer the overseers for neglecting to obey an order of two justices. Touching a bastard child of Mary Lamb of which he is charged to be the father; both of Goldhanger. (ERO  Q/SR 548/42)

1736   Five deaths in the village as the resulting from a flooded decoy pond. (Newcastle Courant) [see… Estuary Activities - decoy ponds ]

1784 Brief: Thomas Firmin of Goldhanger, brewer, v. John Bull, Rector of Inworth, a Justice of the Peace, and Daniel Wenden, constable of Goldhanger; Exchequer. Trespass, assault and imprisonment. (ERO D/DO/B24/54)

1784  On Sunday laft, James Hall was committed to our gaol, by John Wright, jun, efq. Charged by the conftable of Goldhanger, on the fulpicion of felony, in ftealing a black gelding, value £15, the property of Morgan Poole, of Great Totham, in this county. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

1791  Smugglers in Goldhanger. Two cart laden with 40 casks of liquor, drawn by five horses, safety conveyed to His Majesty’s warehouse. (The Times)

[see… Smuggling ]



1811  A six foot eel weighing 48lbs taken from the river near Goldhanger. (London Chronicle)  [see… Estuary Activities -fishing ]

1832  Theft of candlesticks from Bird-in-Hand Alehouse. (Essex Standard)   [see… Goldhanger Lost - Alehouses ]

1833  Jane Cottee, “An interesting looking female” stole two £5 notes from her master the local farmer. Sentenced to 3 months hard labour and kelt aprt from other prisoners. (Essex Standard)

1834   The Bull Beer Shop being sold in Goldhanger (Chelmsford Chronicle)  [see… Goldhanger Lost - Alehouses ]

1936  Obituary: Wm Prentice. “Owner of valuable estates at Goldhanger and Beckingham, but had experienced a great reversal of fortune”. (East Anglian)

1837  “The Garden of Goldhanger”  three miles from Maldon being sold by Mr W Bentall of Heybridge. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

1837  Order for removal from Goldhanger to Glemsford, Suffolk, of John Argent [maltster], wife Susan, and their children Sarah aged 15, Amelia aged 12, John William aged 4, and 'Ruben' aged nearly 2 years; by reason of illness of Susan Argent. (ERO  Q/SBb 528/53/1)

1837  A court case between Goldhanger and Glemsford(Suffolk)  regarding the removal of pauper from Goldhanger to Glemsford. The case turned on inadequate paperwork. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

1840  Fatal accident. Driver fell from his seat and was run over by his wagon wheels. Deceased was removed to Goldhanger Church. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

1844  A five year old girl was burnt to death having been set alight by a burning candle which was standing on the floor. (Essex Standard)

1844   Single man wanted in a windmill with steam attached. Wesleyan preacher preferred. J Belsham, miller, Goldhanger. (The Watchman) [see.. Watermill ]

1850  Mrs Leigh, wife of Goldhanger Rector Revd. Leigh, was struck by a cow in Witham High St., and died later of her injuries. (The Times)  [see… Revd. Gardner ]

1850  Thomas Seaborn of Goldhanger was found with 50 half ankers of foreign spirits for which he had not paid customs duties. He was removed to the house of correction. (Essex Standard)  [see… Smuggling ]

1850   John Steadman, farmer, late of Goldhanger, insolvent debtor on own petition, in the goal of Springfield. (London Gazette)

1851  Mr Ponder of Goldhanger has space at The Great Exhibition for a new bee-hive made of glass and wood, with eight windows and outside shutters. (Illustrated London News)

1855  Thomas Gurton, aged 28, a Grenadier Guardsman and son of a Goldhanger farmer died at the siege of Sebastopol (Essex Standard)

1855   Three men were drowned in Goldhanger Creek by an upturned punt. (Essex Standard)

1856  John Smith, labourer, “presented a picture of poverty”, when charged with stealing a drake belonging to Mr Wakelin. He had had no food for two days. Discharged. (Essex Standard)

1873   Joseph Hume was charges with being drunk and quarrelsome in the Dolphin beer house, Goldhanger. Fined 5 shillings. (Essex Newsman) [see… Goldhanger Lost - alehouses ]

1874  High Tide. Mr Cresswell and other Goldhanger farmers suffered severely, having had 50 acres of land covered by a high tide. (Essex Standard)

1875   Three Goldhanger men were drowned when the barge “Robert” sank off St Osyth. (Essex Standard)

1881  A death by cold and excessive drinking. An inquest was held at Goldhanger into the death of Benjamin Wade, labourer, found dead in a barn.  (Essex Standard)

1882   The plan for a Railway between Tollesbury and Maldon via Goldhanger has been abandoned. (Essex Newsman)  [see… Plans from the past - railway ]

1887   Local newspaper reported on the celebrations for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee for 250 residents held in Mr Frank Leigh’s barns. (Essex Newsman)

1887  A distressing fatal gun accident at Follyfaunts Farm. The six year son of the farmer was shoot by his friend of the same age, after a loaded shot gun was left in a barn by a farm worker.  (Essex Standard)



1907  Shocking event in Goldhanger Churchyard. A retires Indian army major was charged with attempting suicide by shooting himself with a pistol.  (Essex Newsman)


1911  Coronation Festivities - After a service in the Church, sports and a dinner were held in Mr Dobsons meadow. Every child was presented with a coronation mug. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

1911  The Rector thanked those who had put out the fire at the Rectory on the 5th November. (Parish Magazine)   [see… Revd. Gardner ]

1919  Goldhanger curate requests a captured field gun to display in the Churchyard. (The Times) [see… Building the War Memorial ]

1919  Goldhanger aerodrome buildings for sale. (The Times)   [see… Goldhanger Flight Station ]

1922  A Goldhanger Shopkeeper and father of ten, was fined for failing to provide adequate clothing for his children. The NSPCC inspector said the girls cloths were mostly stitched onto the bodies and all the children’s clothes were dirt and venomous. He was fined £2 for each child. (Essex Chronicle)

1922  An application for repossession of an overcrowded cottage in Church St was considered. There ha been 15 occupants in the 3 bedroomed house, there were now 11. The Chairman said overcrowding was not a nuisance and the case was adjourned for two months. (Essex Chronicle)

1924  Fish Street resident George Johnson was one of four men drowned of the Sussex coast when HMS Marlborough sank while being towed to Heybridge to be broken up. (Essex Chronicle)

1934  Prosecution at Maldon Petty Sessions of Henry Hover, William Parker, Thomas Chaney and Arthur Appleton, all of Goldhanger, for unlawfully taking winkles from Goldhanger Creek   (ERO D/B 3/3/780)

1934  Best in the World - an Essex Apple. At Goldhanger is to found one of the highly productive Wilkins Fruit Farms, and adjoining the Parish Church is Old Rectory Fruit Farm upon which Mr Charles Page is raising apples and other fruits than win international honours. Mr Page has made a feature of the D’Arcy Spice. (Essex Chronicle)  [see… Charles Page ]

1935   A new telephone kiosk “with continuous service” has been opened in Head Street. (Chelmsford Chronicle)  [see…  Early postcards - The Square ]

1935  Goldhanger Fruit trees ruined by a late frost in the 3rd week of May, even though it was “always considered that Goldhanger was protected by the salt air”. (Chelmsford Chronicle)   [see… Charles Page ]


1937  The new Village Hall was declared open “amid much enthusiasm”. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

1938   Maldon Rural District Council are threatened a quarter of the cottage in this attractive village with demolition. (The Times)   [see… Cottages Lost ]

1938  The is a secret band of assassins condemning old cottages. Suddenly a charming old village like that of Goldhanger is doomed”. (Daily Mirror)

1939  The Rectory, Goldhanger, Nr Maldon, overlooking the Blackwater River. For Sale. Price Freehold £3,100  (The Times)

1939  Chequers landlord Jack Spitty was prosecuted for allowing children in to his bar. He was fined £2 (Essex Newsman)  [see… The Chequers Inn ]

1941  James Wentworth Day was summoned for stealing a dog from the Chequers, but landlord Jack Spitty failed to appear as a witness. (Essex Chronicle)

1944   A Goldhanger apple grower was fined £219 for offences against the Apples and Plums Maximum Prices Order. (Chelmsford Chronicle) [see… Tithe barn & Glebe ]

1941  Fire Watchers - At a meeting in the Village Hall 40 volunteers registered for fire watching, including 9 of the AFS Group. (Chelmsford Chronicle)

1945  Obituary - On Active Service:  On 16 Fed 1942 at sea near Sumatra, Eric John Kempson, Lieut. R.N.V.R., second son of Mr & Mrs Eric Kempson, Corner Cottage, Goldhanger, Essex. (The Times)   [See …  World War II memories ]

1946  Goldhanger, with a population of 360, sent 50 men and women to the services, all of whom returned to receive a gift of 17 guineas as a welcome home token. (Essex Newsman)    [See …  World War II memories ]

1955  Work to restore the Goldhanger Parish Church belfry has been completed and paid for with £q500 raised in the parish in the previous 5 years. (Maldon & Burnham Standard)  [see… Bells of St Peters ]

1967  Choir boys did their bit to rid St Peter’s Church of Black Watch beetles by organising competitions at the Church bazaar. Lady Jenkins, Red Cross divisional president opened the bazaar. (Maldon & Burnham Standard)

1977  School’s out for the last time in 102 years. The gates have shut forever on Goldhanger Primary School. Essex County Council said the school is too small to be economic. (Chelmsford Chronicle)  [See … Goldhanger Lost - village school]

1981  Bob Leavett, bellringer at Tollesbury and Goldhanger, donated a weather vane to the Goldhanger bell tower. The metal work and installation was done by village blacksmith Mr George Emeny. (Maldon & Burnham Standard) [see… Family Photos - last photo ]

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