A selection of early postcards and photos

Early postcards and photos provide a most effective insight into village life in the past. Although photography was developed for the 1850s onwards, few private photographs of Goldhanger have been identified and our main source of early village scenes is unquestionably postcards. These were popular form of communication between the 1880s and the 1950s. Over the 150 years between 1800 and 1950 maps available indicate that there were very few changes in the village, so postcards are a very good indication of appearance of the village over that 150 year period. Surprisingly there are currently over 200 different postcard images of the village, the Creek, Osea Island and Millbeach in the local archives (not including groups and family photos).

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Postcards - now & then


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o Greetings from Goldhanger

o . Maldon Rd

o . Lt Totham Rd


o . Fish St

o . Head St

o . St Peters Church

o . Church St

o . Creek & Estuary scenes

o . The Square

o . Early group photos

o . Family Photos

o . Portrait Gallery of local characters


the east-end of Maldon Rd was previously known as "The Avenue" and "Darcy Road",

and the west-end was known as "Broad Road"

The Avenue

Highams Farmhouse

home of the Highams Family

see 1906 property sale


Maldon Rd, Rectory cottage with cyclists

Rectory Cottage

Early 1900s

Rectory Cottage

in the1930s

Maldon Rd

near the Pit Cottage triangle

The first council houses

on the Maldon Rd


Swiss Cottages in 1953.jpg

The Swedish Houses

in 1953

Cobbs Farmhouse

home of William Bentall

see 1851 property sale


Gardeners Farm.JPG

Gardeners Farmhouse

in the1950s

see... WW-1 Flight Station

see 1851 property sale

Vaulty Manor

Home of Charles Brandon 1st Duke of Suffolk

and author Henry Coe Coape

see 1786 property sale



Previously known as Upper Street



in 1910

Folly Faunts 1939.jpg

in 1939

Named after Johannis Falefaunt in 1250

variously know as . . .

Ffollyfants in 1527

Folyphauntes Manor 1533

Follyfauntes in Henry VIII letters of 1543

Ffollifauntes in 1540

Follifaunts by 1760

Folly Fants in 1813

Home of author Major Lindsay Fitzgerald Hay

See past property sales

In 1813, 1848 & 1906

Falcons Hall

Falcons Hall.JPG

in the1950s


in the1930s

Named after John Ffalons or Ffawcon in 1346

variously known as . . .

ffakons in 1445

ffacones in 1484

Faulkins Farm in 1730 & 1777

Goldhanger Hall in 1848 census

See past property sales

in 1828, 1832, 1891,

1920, 1925 & 1955


Previously known as . . .

High St, Chaple Street and Goldhanger Street





Peartree Cottage

and the Parsonage

on the left



The Parsonage

in 1933 on the north side of Head St

known as The Limes before 1910

then The Parsonage until the last curate left

in the 1960s

home of author Ernest Mansfield

see 1906 property sale

The Parish Rooms

See...Goldhanger lost



The Limes

on the south side of Head St

know as Marriners in the 1700s

Crabtree House in 1894

and Levers in 1857

Embersons butchers shop

on the right

petrol pump lamps are visible on the left


The Square with boys 1912

View towards The Square

With boys playing

View towards Head St

From the Rowley collection

of cards in the 1950s

Head St - Rowley collection

Head St - Village Hall.JPG

The New Village Hall

In 1937

See... Village meeting places

Saddle-backed cottages

at No.11 & 13 Head St

See... Cottages Lost

Head St Cottages.JPG


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