Village signs & posters Ė past and present

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Charles Mannís shop sign in The Square in the early 1900s

This Shell sign was displayed

on Charles Mannís shop in

The Square in the early 1900s


Globes on the petrol pumps in The Square in the 1920s to 1940s.

filling station history



Millers and corn merchants

at The Mill in Fish St in the early 1900s



The Cricketers Inn sign

in the early 1900s

The Cricketers Inn double sided sign

In the 1970s Ė 2010 period.

Both were oil paintings of W G Grace.

The artist is unknown.

butchers in Head Street during the 1930s to 1960s

more about... lost shops

Russells Gravesend brewery sign outside The Chequers in the early 1900s

The Goldhanger Friendly Brothers

plaque in The Chequers


Sign over the bakers shop window at No. 2 Fish Street in the 1950s to the 1970s

a Christmas card from Stanley Wilkin at Bounds Farm in 1942


beam inside the bus shelter in The Square engraved with these words:


This sign appeared outside

several different shops in the village

that served as the Post Office

Sergeants Mess sign from the

WW-1 Flight Station

at Gardener Farm

Sign used on a delivery lorry in the 1940s

belonging to Rex Page,

fruit grower who operated from

the Old Rectory farm

Top hat house sign on the

front gate of Hatters Lodge

in The Square

Pan Signs advertisement from the 1960s.

The business operated from the coach house

at Goldhanger House, the former Rectory

the Bunting Bros Land Drainage business

operated from a barn on Joyces Chase

local farms on the past

The filling station in Church St sold several different brands of petrol between the 1940s and 1980s. The Bulldog sign stayed

for several years.

filling station history




Road sign on the Maldon Road

between the 1960s and 1980s






Ron Wells developed the

Agricultural and Domestic Museum

in Church St during

the1970s and 1980s


Verine Products operated from Follyfaunts

Between the 1960s and 90s, producing and

marketing reproduction classic fireplaces

and garden ornaments


A badge designed for St Peters

Bellringers jumpers and shirts

around the year 2000


The Goldhanger Argyle

football team badge used

between the 1980s and 2015


A beer mat produced for the

2014 WW-1 centenary to

celebrate the role of the

Goldhanger Flight Station in

our defence against Zeppelins


North Maldon Growers Ltd

owed by a group of

local farmers and based

on the Little Totham Road





table mat produced by the

Goldhanger Classic Car Club

that was formed in 2003

brass plaques on the Village Pump

that were placed on the pump

after a restoration project in 2012

Cricketers Inn sign

from 2015 onwards

Gardeners Farm shop logo

from the early 2000s onward

The Salty Dogs Tearooms were in

The Square between 2013 & 2016

1990s sign


Chequers history

2008 on sign


poster & sign

village school history

2018 sign

The village sign

on the Maldon Road

was installed in 2005

(not the most recent but

probably the most impressive)


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