Early group photos

arranged chronologically - select to enlarge

Ladies at the Juggy Rose Fair

with swing boats in the late 1800s

First car passing through village

going from Darcy to London in 1897

School outing

with St Georges flags in 1893

Highams Farm workers2

Highams Farm workers

with traction engine

date unknown

Highams Farm workers

with thrashing machine

date unknown

Ladies of Goldhanger

could be the Mothers Union

the early 1900s

Todd - Clarke wedding


Friendly Brothers at The Chequers


Goldhanger ringers visiting Burnham


No 37 Squadron pilots

37 Squadron flying Officers

Goldhanger Flight Station - WW1

The cricket team


Children outside Hall Farm

the 1930s

Stawberry picking - the final weigh up -1929

7 Apple Spraying in the 1930s

Pages Orchard in 1934 - taken by C Frost sm

Strawberry picking - the final weigh up


Apple Spraying at Church Farm

the 1930s

Charles Page's Orchard


Parade in Church St

Children's parade

the 1937 Coronation

Auxiliary Fire Service at Church Farm

during WW-2

Remembrance day parade

Church St, the 1940s

Goldhanger Wanderers


Celebration at Thatch End

the 1950s

School sports day

the 1950s

Soda Siphons in the Square.jpg

The Blacksmiths in Church St

the 1950s

St Peters Bellringers


Soda Siphons in the Square

the 1950s

Sailing Club BBQ in the 1960s

Cricketers 1980s.JPG

Tug of war.JPG

Sailing Club laying up supper

the 1960s

The Cricketers Inn


Tug of war on the playing field


Jubilee 1977, childrens party in VH.JPG

Jubilee 1977, OAP  party in VH.JPG


Jubilee celebrations - chidren's party

In 1977

Jubilee celebrations - pensioners party

In 1977

Jubilee celebrations - in The Square

In 1977

2002 Jubilee young princesses.JPG

Jubilee 2002  Witches.JPG

Britannia at the 2002 Jubilee.JPG

Jubilee celebrations - the princesses

in 2002

Jubilee celebrations - W.I. witches

in 2002

Britannia at the Jubilee celebrations

in 2002

Jubilee 2002 Proclamation.jpg

Jubilee Proclamation

in 2002

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